I got some Birthday money from my parents (my Birthday is on Friday) so I ordered some so lovely clothes from Missguided. The clothes I ordered are that beautiful white dress, white and gray jumper and those green tartan shorts. I can't wait to get the packet ♥

You are going to get sooo sick and tired of watching these kaleidoscope photos. I love them hhaha!



Today I got an amazing packet from a new online fashion boutique BLONDEDGE which is selling a mixture of vintage pieces and best Primark clothes. The mixture sounds perfect for me because we don't have Primark in Finland and I have never found any new Primark items from internet. 
Blondedge sent me (as a blogger gift) a perfect Primark faux shearling biker jacket and an extra gift: Kaleidoscope glasses! It would be a suicide to ride bicycle and wear these at the same time haha. Later I'm going to try photographing through these!
Now some photos of the jacket:

Primark faux shearling biker jacket BLONDEDGE (here's the link to this jacket), Levi's shorts 2nd hand, t-shirt You're Not Human, Jadon boots Dr. Martens, choker ebay

I'm really happy with this jacket. It's really warm and perfect for Finnish weather right now. I also adore this kind of biker jackets so this is perfect for me. 



Fuck you you fuckin' fuck sweater Local Heroes, jeans H&M, Jadon boots Dr. Martens, round sunglasses ebay, spike choker Romwe



Tartan skirt Urban Outfitters, shirt KappAhl, fishnets Primark, chunky boots Mart of China

Eilen juhlittiin Adan kanssa ja tänään heräsin krapulassa puoli neljältä. Ei ole ollut pitkään aikaan samanlaista darraa, huhhuh. Selvittyäni jotenkin kuvailin pari asua.